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CobitCoin is a crypto-currency that was developed to allow anyone, regardless of technical ability, to have easy access to a crypto-currency. A few minutes after installing the mobile app, any user can see CobitCoin being added to their wallet through the unique mobile mining experience. Almost all crypto-currency are "mined" with specialized equipment. CobitCoin can be obtained through the mobile mining experience, through app or on any computer. We've developed a fully functional encryption currency with some very unique features. We have identified several huge markets and will create a free app from Apple and Android that allows us to start penetrating these markets from the first day after the symbolic sale (June 2018). The CobitCoin's proposal is to use Blockchain ​​technology to simplify the daily routine for those who need to make payments, receive remittances, purchase and invest, without giving up control of your money to third parties. CobitCoin offers trusted digital asset exchange with a world class trading platform and flexible leverage up to 1:500. With the prepaid debit card you can spend where and when you want your digital assets. Making an automatic conversation of the exact expense cost and the remaining of your assets stays in our safe custody in your portfolio that only you have access. Using our smart phone app you pay bills, invest, transfer, receive and purchase or sell coins. CobitCoin also provides an investment platform in which you do not need to be a specialist in crypto-currencies in order to achieve profits. CobitCoin has a specialized team in cryptos which choose with safety on which assets invest and the exact moment to do so.

Why participate the CobitCoin ICO?

Why? Because CobitCoin is one of the best project of the present time. The project was designed to transform people's lives, who want more freedom and simplicity when using their digital assets. It was created with the objective of making life easier for those who need sending and receiving money to other parts of the world. Also for those who want easy ways of spending their digital assets without worry, using the CobitCard. Our project was also developed for those who like to trade using leverage of up to 1:500.


All transactions remain anonymous. So you do not have to worry about anonymity. At Blockchain, confidentiality is guaranteed by encryption, which uses a public and private key structure. The public key infrastructure (PKI) is composed of public and private key pairs to ensure that only participants involved in a transaction will view the information.

Decentralized Platform

Fully decentralized platform to make crypto and Fiat exchanges easier, wherever you are, cryptography, allows processes that are complex and can be realized more efficiently.


Our wallet is compatible with Linux, Windows and MacOSX. IOS and Android wallets planned.

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CobitCoin is decentralized platform.

Jun 2017

Cobitcoin Idealization and project roadmap definition

Nov 2017

Creation of Software Development Team

Dec 2017

Contract with Core Bank Provider and Bank Software

Dec 2017

Blockchain definition and Node Servers starting

Jan 2018

Marketing plan definition and approval of campaigns

Mar 2018

Wallets GUI published to MacOSX , Win64 and Linux 64

Mar 2018

Alpha Stage of Trade Platform and tests

Apr 2018

Started Negotiation with international cryptocurrency exchanges to list Cobitcoin

May 2018

Mining and transaction start. BlockExplorer WEB and Desktop start

Jun 2018

Launch Cobitcoin ICO

Nov 2018

Start of operations with prepaid Cards and Mobile apps

Nov 2018

Launch in the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange

Our Team

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Antonio Castro

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
team member

Viviane Fernandes

team member

Afonso Xavier

Computer Engineer
team member

David Barreira

team member

Marcela Palmerston

team member

Joao Santos

team member

Eduardo Palmerston

Investor Partner
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Hugo Leonardo



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Frequently Asked Questions

Instant transfers of physical (fiat) & crypto (e-money) currencies. And withdraw cash from regular ATMs at the cost of a local transaction. Cobitcoin includes multi-currency wallets that allow you to easily store and transact in different cryptocurrencies. Multisignature cold storage can secure all cryptocurrency funds on Cobitt-based exchanges, allowing you to keep your crypto funds locked up and prevent any external access.

Fiat currencies & multiple crypto (e-money) currencies. At the best conversion rates on the market. Cobitcoin is linked to Trading platforms with the highest liquidity providers in the world. Cobitcoin is connected to a network of encryption agents that will serve as a connection between two or more negotiation points. With this technology our customers have an exponential number of possibilities of negotiations through a network of exchanges that guarantee a greater number of buying and/or selling for their offers.

Send money anywhere in the world Affordable/Reliable/Instantaneously

Use the card for everyday purchase even if you own only crypto in your wallet. Our prepaid card allows you to spend your coins around the world. With the prepaid card you save the exchange fees and they become much cheaper with encrypted coins. Cobitcard allows you to spend encrypted credits with instant liquidity. This happens due to our integration with our platform of Digital Bank and methods of electronic payments.

Extremely safe. Multiple layers of security mitigate hacking attempts and ensure that your funds always remain safe. 1) The first layer utilizes multiple physically separated servers. Cobitcoin and wallet operate on separate servers which safeguard the wallet against any outside attacks. 2) Second, the exchange software embeds our patent-pending “encrypted user access” which further protects the wallet from being hacked. 3) Third, our software includes standard Two Factor Authentications like E-Mail Authentication and Google Authenticator for additional login security 4) Lastly, access to the admin interface requires offline VPN transmittal; user credentials sent over a secure, encrypted communication; and other security mechanisms.

The answer is YES. CobitCoin aims to reach exponential scale to deliver traditional services and emerging banking products in a technology-driven blockchain environment, making it the single point for all payment methods requirements. CobitCoin is integrated with an extremely robust payment platform capable of bringing the integration between banking and crypto-currency services. This integration makes CobitCoin a very unique and a very functional tool. With a robust infrastructure we will be the first Exchange to integrate crypto-currencies with methods of payment.

YES. CobitCoin also provides an investment platform in which you do not need to be a specialist in crypto-currencies in order to achieve profits. CobitCoin has a specialized team in cryptos which choose with safety on which assets invest and the exact moment to do so.

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